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Frequently Asked Questions:
1、Invoice type: default invoice, electronic invoice and paper invoice have the same legal effect, can support the reimbursement of accounts and after-sales maintenance, if you need to issue a special VAT invoice, please contact the merchant;
2、Invoice issuance time: the invoice will be issued by the merchant after the order has been confirmed and can be viewed on the "Personal Centre - My Orders - View Invoice" page.
3、Invoice amount: The invoice amount is the actual amount you paid, excluding the payment amount of coupons, points, red packets, etc.
4、Invoicing content: In accordance with the latest tax regulations, invoices will contain a breakdown of goods and will display detailed information on the name and price of the goods.
5、Where to download invoices: Once your order is complete, you can download invoices from the "Personal Centre - My Orders - View Invoices" page.
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